Featured Artist: Studio Tipi


Soo..you caught  me slackin’ again! Sorry!! I promise this week I’ll post a little more than last! I have lots of projects to share with you. I’ve been insanely busy working my day job, and then working my evening job of designer/illustrator and wine drinker. It’s tough I tell ya.

Today’s featured artist I came across in a awesome magazine I discovered at Inkwell Boutique here in Halifax (go visit Inkwell if you are around! Amazing shop!). Wrap Magazine features a ton of artists in each issue, there are interviews, beautiful full pages of artwork, AND each section has a pull out poster or wrap from the artists that are interviewed in the mag! When I saw Studio Tipi’s work I fell in love!!


Studio Tipi is a Canadian art making duo..a couple in fact, who together produce gorgeously bright and whimsical illustrations. Artists Judi Chan and Keith-yim Sun live and work in Edmondon Canada and have created work for numerous publications.

tipiWhen they were asked to describe their process in Wrap Magazine, they said that they always start out by drawing the exact size of the piece, and then move into researching extensively the subject and materials before they even start in on the making of the actual illustration.

tipi1tipi3 tipi5 tipi6Each work tells a little story. I love the folky style and the funky use of colour. Their work is so captivating and unique. Please visit Studio Tipi’s website to see more of their awesome work!

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