18 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Honey Bee Vintage Bridal Logo

    • Hi there,

      Yes Illustrator is a very complex and large program! I’d recommend looking into taking an intro course at a community college, which is how I really got into it. After you have the basics down you can teach yourself the rest of the way. The internet is a great recourse, and of course check out the library, Adobe has giant books all about the program.

    • Oh hey thank you! Yes I have another one I am just finishing up and will share the process in my next post! Most designs go through many, many phases.

  1. Nice work, Bryanna, and thanks for the mention! From your sketches it looks like you were on the right path to the end result all along!

  2. I love bees I just saw an awesome documentary that makes me love them more. Also the hand drawn quality you added to the logo is perfection.

  3. Beautiful design! I agree totally with your friends’ critiques. Though the first design was pretty, the second is so much better! It is more cohesive and flows better. Great job!

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