Wednesdoodles: More Neons Please!

doodlesbannerHey guys!

I’ve had this box full of small canvases with crappy old paintings hanging out in my closet for literally YEARS. I’m talkin’ since I graduated art school. I graduated so long ago that I don’t remember how many years it’s been to be exact but my estimate is 5+ years. I’ve been meaning to use up these little canvases for so long, and just never got to it. FINALLY this past weekend I took the box out of the closet and got to work.

5I dug out I think about five canvases and lucky for me I still had a bunch of old raw canvas sitting around in one of my many messy drawers. PHEWF I forgot how much work it is to re-stretch and gesso everything. I kept thinking back to art school days of building and stretching 6ft. tall canvases like it was no big deal.

1I kept the neon theme going from the previous two canvases I had made just a few days earlier (I spent my weekend painting). I’m really digging the bright colours, and the crazy pinks and oranges!
4I’ve been really experimenting with my painting lately. I’m taking what I know about screen printing, and about layering flat colour on top of one another to see what might happen. The first time I went to make a painting after having been thinking and working with screen printing for so long, I automatically made paintings just as though they were prints, by layering on one flat colour after the next, and building up until the work was finished. I didn’t realize I had  made the painting the way I would make a print at all until a few weeks later.

3So now I’m trying to run with that, and see where it might take me in the world of paint. So far I’m really happy to feel as though I found something that really suits me when it comes to painting. I love layering colours on top of colours, and then adding in details in the end. So we’ll see what comes of all of this!

2Anywayyys that’s it for today! If you liked the neon paintings they are for sale right now in my SHOP!!

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