Wednesdoodles: Three Portraits


This week has gotten off to a craaazy start! Mondays always seem to kick me in the butt, so thank god today is Wednesday. My sister and I have been printing, getting a few orders together for Double Dare, and I am still so sleepy from my birthday celebrations last week. PHEWF.

bdayAnywaaaaays…to say the least I’ve been working a little more at my part time job, and trying to get a few secret projects done. Lately I’ve been working on commissions, I have a few logo projects on the go, I have lots of things to prepare for Double Dare (getting back into CHRISTMAS ALREADY! AH!) and I’d love to have some time to re-stock my etsy shop with some little paintings. Oh yeah, and I have completely fallen off the wagon in my calligraphy practice. There just never seems to be enough time in the day, or enough energy.

hairAbove is a commissioned piece I did for a couple of pals of mine for their new place! I especially love how Jeff’s hair portrait turned out…it looks alot like him, even without a face!! Riley’s hair was particularly challenging. I don’t have a ton of experience painting hair in general so her painting took much longer than Jeff’s but eventually things started to come together and I delivered them this past weekend!

cryAbove is a pretty sad looking self portrait. But don’t be sad! Things are a-ok. I was just going through a tough time a few weeks ago, trying to straighten things out and feeling pretty stressed. I often turn to my sketchbook in tough times. So basically if you look through my sketchbooks, especially the older ones, it’s all there. Since I started working more professionally as an artist I haven’t been making art that is supremely personal. I should get back into the habit though. Even though this little sketch is kind of a bummer, I really love it. It’s so sincere, and it’s just how I felt, and probably looked in the moment. hah! OK sorry to be a bit of a bummer. Like I said all is well.

That’s it for now! Off to work I go.

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