Featured Artist: Molly Hatch

PHEWF. What a week…and what a nuts weekend I had. I am still in recovery! I celebrated my 29th Birthday with my twin sister, and we went pretty crazy on the dance floor. Oh man. Today I feel like I am still trying to get back on track, so far so good.

SO part of getting back on track is to introduce to you today’s featured artist Molly  Hatch! I am not sure I’ve ever featured a ceramicist, but lately I’ve been so  interested in pottery. I recently bought myself a beautiful mug from a local artist here in Nova Scotia called Forage Studios, and just fell in love with the possibilities of form and function. Molly Hatch lives and works in Northampton, and holds her MFA in ceramics from the University of Colorado. She is extremely well known for her beautiful work, it has been widely collected and commissioned nationally and internationally. I came across her work in the latest issue of Uppercase Magazine (A Canadian made art and design magazine) and fell in love with her work. Please visit her website to see more!


These first two images are examples of her beautiful pattern work:


Thanks for reading! Check back in on Wednesday for some brand new doodles!

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