Featured Artist: Michael Kagan

featuredbannerHi guys,

Sorry for the slight hiatus. My sister and I spent the weekend participating in the Halifax Crafters Spring Market and I worked most of Monday, and then Tuesday I took a break and had drinks with a best pal and spent most of the day watching movies cuddled up!! Today is typically Wednesdoodles, but since I haven’t really been doodling much lately I thought I would just push things back a bit and feature some AMAZING paintings by Michael Kagan. Kagan is an amazingly skilled painter from Virginia Beach. I came across his work somewhere on Instagram the other day, it looks like he just had an opening for a show called Thunder In The Distance in NYC.

MKAGAINHis paintings of astronauts and space shuttles taking off truly blow my mind. Lately I’ve been watching a new series on FOX called Cosmos, and just re-thinking and re-evaluating my very existence. Ha! Heavy stuff I know.

MKAGAN2I guess in my mind…for a long time I’ve left space out of it. Maybe I didn’t necessarily feel like knowing how tiny we all are, and how little time humans have inhabited the earth in the grand scheme of things. But lately, digging back into the vast and wonderful topic of the universe, I realize we should all be wondering and thinking about these things.

MKAGAN3If we all knew how tiny and fragile we all are, and also how miraculous life really truly is. How we’ve evolved to be exactly what we all are now, and how all living beings are made up of the same stuff. For example a tree is made up of all the same stuff as you and I, a cat and dog are the same, they simply have slightly different DNA. Just a slight modification in DNA in a creature who has evolved over millions of years. It’s brilliant.

MKAGAN5Knowing that we are all, at the core, the very same, doesn’t it make you want to take care of what’s important? Doesn’t it make you feel a slight sense of relief? Or does it scare you to know that human beings collectively decided that they are better than everything else, and have taken the earth and it’s creatures for granted? The earth certainly does not belong to us, yet we treat it as though we own it.

MKAGAN7Although we are tiny, as a race, human beings have accomplished so many fascinating things. With our minds and our hands we have made amazing discoveries and created beautiful, beautiful works of art and pieces of music among many, many other wonderful things.

MKAGAN8It’s pretty amazing…how we explore the universe as human beings. Endlessly curious we are! I am so intrigued and afraid by it! It’s just sooo huge and crazy! Well kids….that’s my ramblings for the day. Please visit Michael Kagan’s website to see so much more of his beautiful work!

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