Wednesdoodles: Spring Things

doodlesbannerHey everyone! Hope your week is going well thus far. My week has been fairly hectic…gearing up for the Halifax Crafters Spring Market! My sister and I are preparing new greetings and prints to be sold this Saturday and Sunday at the Olymic Centre here in Halifax! Stop by if you are in town! (We designed the poster below!!). Check out the crafters site for a full list of participants!

hfxcraftersLast week I was busy both preparing for the crafters and working on two commissioned pieces. One of which I can’t reveal here just yet because it’s a surprise for the recipient. BUT! I can share these little guys…

birdsnestThese little birds are for a playroom. I had lots of fun coming up with the image and spending time painting something spring like. The weather here on the East Coast of Canada has been everything less than spring weather. Snow, freezing rain, power outages, and cold, strong winds. It has been days of pure wintery weather. We are really hoping for some spring-like weather very soon. I feel like I have gotten a pretty serious case of the winter blues! GAH. I just need the sun and warmth back in my life.

owl1I was also asked to create a few little owls in pinks and browns for a girls bedroom! I had fun with the owls too! Other than that I’ve been creating images for our new greetings at Double Dare Print Studio.


knockdownscreenWe are working on a little series of carnival inspired greetings! Anyhow that’s it for now. Check back in next week…I’m hoping to add some more work to the ETSY SHOP next week so stay tuned!

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