Featured Artist: Carson Ellis

featuredbannerHey guys!
Today’s featured artist is Carson Ellis! She is a Canadian born illustrator who now lives and works in Oregon. Carson was raised in New York, and attended the The University of Montana in Missoula where she earned her BFA in painting! She is now the resident artist for the band The Decemberists and  has illustrated several children’s books including Wildwood. Please visit her website to learn more!

cellis2 cellis3 cellis4 cellis5 cellis7

Have a great Monday!

6 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Carson Ellis

  1. Wait…I thought Carson Ellis was born in Vancouver but was raised in New York, and now she lives and works in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Colin Meloy (a band member of the Decemberists) and two sons. I think this is what she said on her website.

    • yes indeed you are correct!! I’ve been so distracted with the latest UN report on climate change that I’ve hardly been able to focus on what I read! GAH! I will change that info. Thanks for straightening me out.

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