Wedesdoodles: Sketchin’ At The Bar


OH MAN! Nova Scotia is in for a CRAZY storm today. I am not very happy about all the snow coming down right now, although I know it’s only temporary as it’s supposed to be a nice warm day tomorrow. I can’t stand the crazy winds we get here at times when it storms. Today’s winds are supposedly going to go as fast as 110-120km/hr and in some parts as crazy as 160km/hr!! BLEH!

Well I’ve had a bit of a rough go the last few weeks and to be truthful I haven’t doodled for pleasure much. I was pretty sick for about a week, and then last week I had to have two of my wisdom teeths pulled out! Man that was SCARY!!! I feel pretty proud of myself though…the idea of having my teeth pulled has ALWAYS terrified me to the bone! Technically I should have had them pulled out years ago, but I let them hang around because I was so fearful. Turns out, yes it’s scary and unpleasant, but it all happens so fast that it’s not really as awful as I had made it out to be in my mind. Anyways, I feel good simply knowing that it is one less thing to lament about.

burgzThis week in Halifax it’s BURGER WEEK! That means that there are a ton of local restaurants serving up special burgers for $5!! Last night we were at our usual hang out for Trivia and burgz (Ace Burger..YUM) and I made this little loving sketch. My burger was not as large as the one I drew, but my eyes are bigger than my stomach you see, and apparently so is my imagination!

doodle1I really enjoy going out to Trivia on Tuesday nights after work. It is always so well attended. In fact last night because it is  burger week, and because of Trivia, there were people actually eating their burgz on the floor and all over the little stage at Guses. We had to wait a looooong time for a table, but we stuck it out and it was worth it. What I really enjoy seeing at Trivia is people in the community making new friends and getting to know their neighbors.

doodleAnyhow, I’ve made it a habit to bring my little sketchbook with me every Tuesday and these doodles are from last night. I still sometimes have trouble drawing with people around though!

I’ve been terrible lately at keeping up with my Calligraphy. I’ve only made it to D!! EEP. I guess I’ve fallen a little behind in things these past few weeks. I can’t be too hard on myself though, it’s been a crazy winter indeed.

cHah! Notice how I spelled COUNT wrong at the bottom there…oops! I really loved practicing the C’s..there were a little easier to get the hang of. Well….that’s it for now! I’m going to keep working on some new card designs for Double Dare til we loose power! Then I’ll be painting and drawing til it gets dark! Adios!

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