Featured Artist: Deanna Staffo


It’s a sunny, sunny, and not so cold day and my week long battle with a nasty cold feels like it is nearing an end!! WahoO! Feelin’ good! Today’s featured artist is Deanna Staffo, a Baltimore based artist and teacher at the Maryland Institute College of Art! Her awesome illustrations have been published in many books and magazines. I love her funky style and her delicate lines. Check out her website and her blog to see more of her awesome work!

dstaffo dstaffo1 dstaffo3 dstaffo4 dstaffo5

I looove that last one and can’t WAIT til it’s summer and I can visit the market and leave with a nice fresh basket like that. What a beautiful and warm image! Carry it with you today! Check back in tomorrow…I’ll be posting some new doodles and things!

5 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Deanna Staffo

  1. These are very nice. I think most art that people like sparks an emotion, these are nice because the emotion is happiness. Each one makes me smile. Lovely start to the day.

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