Wednesdoodles: Secrets Revealed!…and a few doodley things.


This week has been a little weird. I got some pretty disappointing news  on the phone today and I’m trying to get over it and move on. Things have been really tough this winter, and it’s just another one of those let downs…blah. I won’t go into detail because I think it’s pretty lame to un-load my sad stories on the internet! No one needs to hear em!

SO today I’ve been trying to stay focused and chip away at a new project in the works that is carnival themed! Here are a few sketches of some things in the works….

sketch3 sketch1 sketch4 sketch5 sketch7I also wanted to reveal a secret project that Double Dare Print Studio has been working on for a few week and is finally complete!

WEB-spring market poster 11x17Alyssa and I were asked to create a poster for this springs Halifax Crafters Market! We were so happy and excited to be asked, and so we got to work on a bright and cheery poster! Since this has seemed like the looongest winter ever, I thought I’d make the design happy, sunny and optimistic. Above is a really great scan of our screen printed poster. If you are in  Halifax be sure to check this event out! Some of the city’s best crafters and artists will be there with their work for sale!

potatoheadOn a side note, and completely un-related…a funny picture of my little cat Potato that I snapped this afternoon as she was warming up under my big desk lamp. She has been doing an excellent job cheering me up today! Phewf. Ok guys that is it! Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

10 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Secrets Revealed!…and a few doodley things.

  1. I’m assuming something happened or didn’t happen with your artwork. If this assumption is correct read on – if not, please disregard and call me a dummy. You have much talent and sometimes it’s the timing and all the outside necessaries – not the stuff of talent. But I’m sure you’re well aware of all this.
    If it makes it any easier, I used to get rejected by roomfuls of people. I was an art director for a publishing company. I regularly had to represent designs from my department under my stewardship. Mass rejections gave me a fairly thick skin. But like all armor, there are always weak points. There are weak point experts in the world – I dare say it’s their talent because they have no other. So I think for you it’s the same, weak point people who are confused as to what they should be doing. And they forget to take a breath, slow down to look at your beautiful work and say yes.
    The funny thing is about room rejection, it’s just as reaffirming when it goes the other way and they like your art. Keep smiling, keep the positivity and hold onto that winner attitude of yours 🙂
    fellow artist and rejection sufferer

    • Hi AnneMarie! Thanks for this. It can be so tough, especially when you are struggling financially. But for me, I couldn’t live without creating, and as tough as it can be I’ll never quit. It’s all I have, and I feel I’ve grown so much over the years and years of practice. How could I throw it all away!? Never! I’m used to rejection, and I understand that it’s not the work I make that is “wrong” it’s just that sometimes what I make doesn’t resonate with the people that I share my work with, or the people that come across it. Anyways thanks for the words!

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