Wednesdoodles: Peace In The Pen


Not too much doodling has happened this week, BUT I have been working on a few top secret projects that I cannot show yet! I have huge edition of prints in the works with Double Dare Print Studio. 150 poster sized prints to be exact. It’s the most prints, and largest sized prints we have ever made! So I’ve been very busy with those two things. In the meantime what I can show you how my calligraphy is coming along!

_MG_1289I’m currently learning modern calligraphy from the awesome book pictured above Modern Calligraphy by Molly Suber Thorpe. I read through the quick and comprehensive intro that helps new calligraphers learn all about the necessary supplies, how they work, and how to hold your pen. I went out and spent a bit of money on some new supplies and a beautiful deep purple ink and got started right away!

_MG_1285Of course it was a little tricky at first. I’ve used a pointed pen and ink before for drawing but never for writing, and learning when and how to apply pressure and how much is still something I am working on. It’s a beautiful thing to learn though. I find sitting at my desk with some nice music playing and practicing the a’s and b’s over and over again on my graph paper to be so calming and peaceful.

_MG_1288It’s meditative and very rewarding. You can actually see improvement as you near the end of each page. Your hand learns to co-ordinate the flowing strokes and angles and eventually things begin to become a little easier…until you move onto the next letter!

_MG_1287Secondly I was asked to participate in another group show at Argyle Fine Art that opens this Friday night at 7pm (for those of you nearby Halifax) called Play! There will be a local puppet maker with many of her amazing handmade puppets, as well as beautiful artwork (I’ve seen some pretty amazing carnival themed paintings!!) by local artist. I was happy to finally frame and bring in a piece I made a while back that had been sitting in my studio for a while.

_MG_1280I’m kind of attached to this piece. I love hot air balloons. I think they look so whimsical, and I love how colourful they are. This work is done with watercolour and pen, and the air balloons are drawings that have been cut out then attached to the background sky with a bit of extra height on them to create a bit of a shadow.

_MG_1284_MG_1282I’ll be happy to see it float away to a new home though! I have never been on a hot air balloon before but I think it would be so amazing to try it out sometime! Well that’s all for now. Lots more new things on the way so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Peace In The Pen

  1. Lovely post! I have been in a hot air balloon, so here are my impressions. 1. It’s odd to not feel the wind – since you are traveling in it, there is actually no breeze. 2. The sound of the hot air scares the crap out of wildlife below. 3. The landing, although somewhat planned, is pretty rough and unpleasant. We scraped the tops of the trees, then dragged along the ground a bit before coming to a (bouncy) stop. The pilot was very experienced, but you can’t really plan everything when you are riding on the wind. I’m not sure I would do it again. . . 4. It is tradition for the pilot to have a bottle of champagne handy to give the landowner upon arrival. 5. I’ve also been in the chase vehicle – that was great fun!!

  2. I agree, hot air balloons are so whimsical! I love seeing things float in the air.. dandelion seeds, soap bubbles or just the soft swaying of fluffy white clouds against a clear blue sky. Can you hear me yearning for summer? šŸ˜€ It’s still cold where I’m at so I just daydream about the sun and the heat and the ice cream treats..

  3. I’m excited to see your post-hot air balloon doodles. Your calligraphy is coming along beautifully. I, too, love calligraphy and have taken classes for three years. I think it’s something you have to do everyday to keep it fresh in your mind and hand.
    Happy sailing

  4. Your style takes on such a high degree of strength when you start cutting things out and adding in the dimension. I still remember those little houses you made. And yeah; calligraphy and hand lettering is fun to practice and use. Keep at it…

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