Featured Artist: Margaret Kilgallen

I know I’ve featured Margaret Kilgallen’s work in the past but I wanted to bring her to light again and show some of her pieces today! I’ve been really getting into lettering and calligraphy and I love looking at her work for inspiration when it comes to hand drawn type (well…she also has a really amazing style that I can’t stop looking at!). Margaret was a San Fransisco based artist who created really beautiful illustrations and installations. Her work seems to be strongly influenced by folk art, but it really is quite modern and funky. Her famous line that always sticks with me when I’m working is this:

imperfectShe talks a lot about the wavering line in the documentary Beautiful Losers (you haaave to watch it if you haven’t yet) and since viewing the film years ago I always keep that mantra in my head when I’m working. It reminds me that perfection shouldn’t be the goal when you are creating, nor can it be. I think the best work embodies the personality of the artist. You can tell when someone has put themselves into their work and that is usually the work that stands out!

mkilgallen5Kilgallen’s story is actually quite tragic. She died young at the age of 33 from cancer, just three weeks after she gave birth to her daughter. She really left behind so much though…her work is beautiful and she is still an inspiration to so many artist. france b mkilgallen4 mkilgallen6She has such a fun style! I hope this inspired you today. Time for me to get to work!

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