Wednesdoodles: Hearts and Thoughts


It’s a sunny sunny day here in chilly Halifax, and I’m so appreciating the bright warm light that’s been missing for so long. It feels GOOD! I feel spring on it’s way for sure. Winter can be so, so tough. It’s cold, dark, and when you rely on your own two feet to get you places like I do it can be hard to get yourself out of the house. Truthfully this winter has been one of my toughest yet in many ways, but knowing that spring is on it’s way and lots of exciting projects and learning opportunities are on their way remind me that it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom! It’s so important to stay motivated, and keep moving ahead with projects and ideas no matter what. Once I see that I’ve accomplished something, even if it’s just a little doodle in my sketchbook, I feel much, much better.


My doodles this week were so meditative and pretty therapeutic. I decided to spend a few hours yesterday morning before work at my desk, just me and my sketchbook. I needed it so so badly. I had a zillion things going through my mind this week and I just needed time to decompress. Once I got started in on a doodle or two I felt a pretty big weight lift. Here’s what I came up with. meditate


Every Tuesday night after work I head over to a local burger and bar joint nearby my house and I hang out with pals and play Trivia. It’s a lot of fun, and nice to spend a few hours with old friends and meet some new. Also…the burgers are amazing. If you are in Halifax and have yet to eat at Ace Burger, just go. Anyhow over the weeks I’ve been doodling on random scraps of paper as I listen to the trivia questions and try to come up with the answers (although…I totally suck at trivia and rarely come up with an answer!). This week I finally got my act together and instead of drawing on napkins and paper scraps, I decided I’d bring my tiny little sketchbook. From now on I’ll bring it with me on Tuesday nights and see what comes out of it. Here’s a funky little doodle I drew last night…

yummzObviously I was still thinking of food….hah!
The most exciting part of my week so far has been the delivery of my calligraphy books!! I’ve wanted these books for months and last week I decided to just go ahead and order them! Now I can slowly start to develop my Copperplate and modern calligraphy skillz! I am sooo excited to learn a new skill, and one that is kinda getting lost in a world of computers.

booksI’ll be so happy when I can incorporate my new calligraphy skills into  my work!! That’s it for now…check ya’ll later.

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