Wednesdoodles: Les Chatons, Les Chatons…..



I am writing late at night after a long day…….wait are my eyes closed right now…? yep.


EEK! But the point is I made it here and I am going to finish this blog post and get it ready for tomorrow morning so that I actually make a post tomorrow!! As usual life has been hectic, but seems even more hectic this week as I’ve started a new job yesterday..(was it only yesterday!? feels like five days ago…) and I am also helping out at a local flower shop with valentines day orders in the afternoons. Training in the AM and flower shop in the PM….and then of course all the extra curriculars  at night! We actually were invited to spend the eve tonight with a really fun group of girl guides to teach them all about screen printing! It was such a great time and the girls seemed to really enjoy themselves!

What else this week? Well last weekend..I think it was Sunday maybe, I started and finished two paintings for an opening this weekend at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax. The show is called Cat Person, Dog Person.  Here is the amazing poster that the talented Mr. Nick Brunt created for the show:


Here are my doodles…thinking up ideas for what my paintings might look like….

heads sleepcats

and HERE are my two final paintings…both very similar to one another with the exception of the expressions of the cats…

feline2 felinefaces

I realized a few days after I made my paintings that I made them exactly like screen prints…but with paint! I layered colour over colour after it dried…and then finally added the black lines for the faces. I kept it simple, and focused mostly on the funky colour combos. To be totally honest I really didn’t plan a ton when I made these due to lack of time BUT I think they came out pretty fun and interesting! I love how the neon peeks through the different shades of greys, oranges and yellows. I think that’s my favourite part! I definitely learned something new about colour and combining unexpected things together! When you  make something every day, you always learn something NEW every day. It’s really pretty awesome!
OK well..I’m about to fall asleep at the keyboard here…!! Until next time!

6 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Les Chatons, Les Chatons…..

  1. Wow, you certainly know your painting. Impressive that they were created in layers just like a screen print. I don’t know a lot about art, but I do appreciate art, doodles, drawings, paintings I know what I like and I like your cats x

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