Wednesdoodles: Florals Anyone?

doodlesbannerOh my gosh…..

I’ve been neglecting my posting duties….
I’m sure anyone else out there who blogs knows how difficult it can be to post when you are extremely busy! I’ve literally spent the last three to four weeks pumping out designs and preparing for the Atlantic Craft Trade Show which was a three day long event that my business Double Dare took part in! It was a ton of work and took up all my time and energy! If you’d like to learn more about our experience at the trade show check out Double Dare’s NEW blog!!

I took an actually day off. I didn’t lift a pencil, sit at the computer, or clean ANYTHING! It was really hard for me not to, but I had to do it! My sister and I found the best way to NOT work was to get out of our houses and go to a movie! Then we really were stuck, and away from the zillion things that call our attention!

Well here’s what I’ve been working on today. A new sketch for an art print that developed out of an old sketch I made this summer. My sister was married in August last year and I made the bouquet. I LOVED the colours, the flowers, the thistles, and ferns. Before the bouquet died I decided to spend some time making a watercolour sketch of it. I still think some of the greens look like funny pickles!!!

_MG_1248It’s funny when you have been drawing for a looong time, and you’ve been drawing ALOT, you find that you have sketchbooks all around you chalk full of ideas. You can really start to USE them all to your advantage. I’ve never been at this stage before in my practice,  but lately I’ve noticed myself going back to old ideas, picking up older sketchbooks and re-using the ideas I have doodled and making them even better, or modifying them for my needs. It’s amazing to have your very own encyclopedia of drawings, and since they are your own, you can rip yourself off as much as you like! I love it.  Below is a tiny thumbnail sketch I made based off of the style of the image above:


I decided to roll with it, and make an 8×10 version, as my screen print is going to be 8×10! I am still experimenting with different ways to make lines, so instead of using marker like I normally do I decided to try using ink and brush. This is the sketch that becomes the key line in our prints. The key line is really a term that means the outline which contains the colours. The final print will be 5 colours.

_MG_1249That’s IT! I am about to start a painting project…so I’ll keep you posted on that very soon!


16 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Florals Anyone?

    • haha! Thanks so much. I was under a pretty tight time constraint so I was worried about things not turning out so well…I can’t wait to see how this all translates into a screen print in the next couple of days!! So exciting.

  1. Hi I just joined you today, I am only new to the world of blogging! I can see how it could be so time consuming, I am so busy already running my face book page and Etsy shop! Your site is lovely though and a nice idea to record your sketches, doodles and on-going work! Look forward to following you 🙂

    • Hi!
      Glad you found me and enjoy my little blog! I think it’s been about four years now since I began, and I’d say I’ve been pretty diligent during all that time to stay on top of things! I suppose it’s not SO bad if I fall a little behind from time to time! I will have to visit your blog and shop! Take care.

  2. I agree about “ripping yourself off.” I love going through old sketchbooks and seeing old ideas I can make new again. I once a small doodle from the past and turned it into a whole new character.

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