Featured Artist: Garbage Beauty


Hope you had a nice weekend! I think I worked on my to do list mostly…which is long and never ending! My sister and I are gearing up for a trade show here in Halifax that is happening this weekend and we are super busy printing, collecting necessary materials for our booth and finalizing packages, shipping costs…etc. etc. ANYHOW. On with the show!
Today’s featured artist a Canadian collective known as  Garbage Beauty. I learned about them in my all time favourite magazine called Uppercase, which is a Canadian made magazine that features amazing artists accross Canada and beyond. I am inspired by this quarterly every time I read it. If you are creative or love to see what other creative people are up to you have to check it out! It’s a little more expensive than your average magazine, but it is printed on the most beautiful paper and features the most wonderfully creative people and projects.

uppercaseGarbage Beauty is a group of four graphic designers from Montreal (a place I really have my heart set on for visiting lately), who make garbage into beautiful artworks. The article I read in uppercase this week mentioned that they are part of a calligraphy society and have studied several different styles such as Copperplate, Uncial, Textura and Fraktur. They hit the streets on garbage day with their giant white chiseled markers and write messages all over town on objects that locals have put out for the trash.

garbage garbage1 garbage3Because I am such a calligraphy fan I fell in love with their work immediately. I think it’s pretty cool that they are beautifying the streets of Montreal on a day that would normally be pretty ugly. I also love the fact that they are giving this garbage a second life, if only for a few hours until it’s picked up by the garbage truck.
garbage4 garbage5This window installation is just amazing! The way the beautiful calligraphy reflects on the floor below. Garbage Beauty is comprised of four friends, Romain Boz, Vincent Box, Olivier Rielland Nadeau and Etienne Savaria. Visit their awesome website to see A LOT more of their work!

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