Wednesdoodles: Tiny Paintings


So it’s been a busy week already…it’s only Wednesday! Whoa! The week is flying though. I have so many projects on the go! I spent some time this week making tiny little paintings for Argyle Fine Art‘s Pre-Shrunk Show which is happening downtown Halifax THIS Friday night from 7-9pm! If you are around you should stop by and check out the amazing talent that this city has to offer! Pre-Shrunk is basically a huge group show that asks local artist to submit works of any medium, but the one rule is that the works have to measure 4″x5″. I always think..”Oh! That’s so tiny, no biggie!”, but painting small is just as challenging, if not more, as painting large scale! I really struggled with subject matter, and because I’m really out of practice painting it took me an extra while to get back into using acrylics. Like anything, if you don’t practice you get rusty. I suppose I’ve been spending most of my time lately with watercolour and pen, making nice clean lines. Illustration is soo different than painting, but I suppose you could sort of combine the two, and in a way I think I may have done that in some of these paintings.

pntg pntg2 pntg4Eek! It was a day of ups and downs! At one point I almost gave up, I had painted over these tiny little canvases many times, struggling with colour and subject, and it was getting late! In the end I just told myself to relax, have FUN, think of colour and get er’ done! If there’s one thing I’ve learned as an artist is that there is no giving up on yourself. I kept thinking how I could never abandon all the years I’ve spend drawing and painting. It’s definitely some kind of a funny relationship. You can’t  neglect it, you have to feed it to keep it growing, and you have to know when to step back for a minute and get out of your head! Thinking too much about what you’re doing while trying to be creative can really hinder your growth! I always find it’s the times in which I’m just allowing myself to mess around, and sort of daydream as I doodle, are the times I make the most interesting and unexpected stuff.

Well…hope everyone has a great week! We are getting ANOTHER huge snow storm here on the East Coast, so I plan to stay cozy in my giant sweater, drink lots of tea, and get a ton of work completed!

3 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Tiny Paintings

  1. I really enjoy your acrylic paintings! I, myself, am a very horrible painter, and I rather sketch and shade black and white than painting. Even color pencil drawings are easier for me. I think you are a very talented painter. I wonder what it feels like to have a snow storm? I’m all the way on the other side of the United States, and the weather’s pretty hot here. Never been in snow.

    • you are lucky! Snow can be beautiful but after three or four months of it it becomes pretty tiring. I walk or take the bus into work everyday and it can be really taxing on your emotions and energy levels. The constant grey skies makes me so gloomy and sleepy. Sometimes I wish I had a summer home to escape to, somewhere were it’s always sunny and warm. It’s kinda lame being stuck inside for so many months! But finally the weather is starting to take a turn here so things are looking up. Thanks for all your kind words. When I started painting learning how to mix colours and then after that, what colours work together was really challenging. The more art I look at, and the more paintings I work on, the more I notice that I’ve created my own personal colour palette that I always go to. Sometimes I switch it up, but I seem to always return to similar colour combinations that I love. A lot of my inspiration comes from nature, and flowers…I worked as a florist for years, and being able to make luscious colour combinations with flowers was my favourite part of the job. It all comes in time…colour is really my passion. My heart actually beats faster when I mix colours. It’s true love! ❤

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