Featured Artist: Sophie Roach



HEY! I’m back!!

Yes…it may seem like a long while since I’ve posted, and it’s true! I’ve been away taking a break on Prince Edward Island and then home to my parents and little sister in Ontario which is where I am now until Wednesday when I return to Halifax. Hope everyone had a great holiday, and also hoping everyone is feeling inspired and ready for 2014. I think it will be a great year full-o craziness and surprises (only good ones of course), and for sure a very productive one! So lets roll into the new year with this week’s amazingly talented Featured Artist Sophie Roach. Sophie is an illustrator and designer based in Austin Texas. She creates the most amazingly colourful and fun patterns and designs. You can take a look at her website to see more of her work, and get this! Her designs have been printed onto VANS shoes! How cool is that?!

sroach sroach1 sroach3 sroach4 sroach5

It’s 2014 Kids. A good year to get creative and stick to your guns! Check back in on Thursday! I’ve been drawing when I can on this very long vacation I’ve been on and I’ll have all kinds of good things to share!


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