No time like the present! (guys it’s almost 2014..whoa)

Hi guys!

BAD NEWS: I have no doodles to show for today. I took a pretty good hearty rest after the two craft shows (although I am workin’ the holiday season at a local jewellery shop!), and I’ve been thinking a lot about painting. I also would love to get into some reading!!!

GOOD NEWS: I do have an image of Double Dare’s latest print! (we are working on a boy version of this today!)

dreamySO CUTE!!

Ok…so I hate to say it but this will probably be the last blog post of the year for me. I’m heading off to Prince Edward Island to spend time with family and friend and then to Toronto to visit MORE family and friends! I recently found out that Black’s photography will print your instagram pictures (and they had them ready so fast too!) onto awesome little square formats. So here’s a little collage on my desk of some images from 2013. La vie est belle!


I have a few project ideas in mind for my little photos….I had some randoms printed just to see what they might turn out like and so far so good! I’ll keep everyone posted on that!

As for 2013…wow it’s been a crazy year! I began 2013 feeling very uncertain, and I’m ending the year feeling pretty good! So much has been accomplished, especially in terms of my new business Double Dare. I’ve learned so many important lessons, and I’ve also sharpened my skills, and learned a few  new ones too! Learning really is the key to life kids! I feel if you aren’t learning something new every day, you just aren’t moving anywhere at all! So get out there and get talking to people, and get reading, go to workshops, classes, free seminars, try something NEW! It’s vital. And once you get out there doing all of these things you’ll find so many wonderful opportunities coming your way, AND you’ll probably make an awesome new friend or two along the way. So bring it on 2014!!! I’m sure it will be an even crazier time that 2013….we’re in the space age after all. Anything could happen!

Happy Holidays to all my lovely readers and wishing you an amazing 2014. I’ll be back at it after January  8th with sooo many doodles and sketches, ideas and inspirations!


5 thoughts on “No time like the present! (guys it’s almost 2014..whoa)

    • Hey there! Thanks for reading, and glad you enjoy it so much!! There will be so much to post in 2014 so stay tuned! I will for sure check out your blog, thanks for sharing!

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