Wednesdoodles: A Whole-Lotta Love

DOODLESHey guys!
It IS WEDNESDAY!! PHEWF. I feels a lot more like Thursday to me…
This morning in Halifax we have SNOW on the ground! Starting to feel a little bit more like Christmas time. Although I still don’t feel very Christmasy. Maybe after I bake some ginger snaps this weekend and hang a few more decorations…wrap some gifts and finally send out all my Christmas cards??? Or maybe it won’t quite feel like the Holidays til I go home. Who knows!
OK Well as for doodling..I’ve been heading right into Valentines Day getting ready for the next greeting card holiday. Double Dare is busy busy printing a few more greetings before we get out of town for the holidays. Alyssa and I are both from Ontario, and so we both leave Nova Scotia every year to return home to celebrate the holidays. This year I have TWO stops, my first in PEI for Christmas and then flying out from the Island to Toronto just in time for New Years. PHEWF! Lots of flights this year..I think I have to get on four planes to make the rips (2 each way). OK WELL onto the doodles….

boyz mylove sweets whalelovesI spend the afternoon at Just Us! In Dartmouth this past Saturday for a really fun little craft show. It wasn’t craaazy busy at all times so I had a chance to create my own little sketchbook out of the brown paper I brought with me to cover the table, and I worked on some doodles (above). Here’s me hangin’ at my little table!


I finally got going on a design I really liked and Alyssa will be busy printing it today in the studio! Here’s the design from start to finish…

dreamy2 dreamy dreamy3 vdays

So basically what you are looking at is step one to four. First I create a little sketchy idea, and then I make a watercolour sketch of that doodle to see what colours I might like to use when we go to print. THEN I trace or re-draw the nice watercolour sketch with a black marker. This drawing gets scanned into the computer and placed into Illustrator where I create a layer for EACH colour that will be screen printed. This print is three colours ,so I separated out each colour into layers in Illustrator. The image above shows all three layers on top of each other  (I was making sure they all fit together properly before sending it off to staples where they print all three layers onto an acetate!) That’s it! Then the acetate is exposed to one of our awesome new screens and voila! We wash it out the screen which then leaves us basically with three stencils (one for each colour) and BAM! We can start to print colour by colour! (A day’s work normally for us..)

That was a jam packed blog post! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week!

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