Featured Artist: RETRO-FUTURISM (a blast from the past into the future!)

featuredspaceMONDAY IS BACK!!
I’m surprised I even remembered that it’s Monday today! I’ve been working non stop, so it’s been kind of tricky for me to remember what day of the week it is! But here we are…and with a really awesome feature too! Retro-futurism is the feature of the day. Although that style covers many different artists, I thought I wouldn’t focus on any ONE, but that I’d give a good sampling of some awesome works I found.

Retro-futurism is such an interesting trend, it refers to these uniquely creative artworks that were made prior to the 1960’s. These works were deemed “RETRO” because the style in which they are drawn has that retro “vibe”, but at the same time they are attempting to take a peek into the great unknown (the future). There is a real tension in the works between the present (well..now the past) and future, between the style of the work, and the super futuristic subject matter depicted. I can’t get over the detail and the imagination. I have a book here at home that goes through the history of television advertising and in that book there are some pretty amazing examples of retro-futurism. Because of the amount of detail that goes into some of these pieces they feel like blue-prints for the future! OK Enough chatting..check out these amazing examples.

retro1 retro2 retro3 retro4 retro7 retro8

OK! Hope you are feeling inspired and out there. Check back in Wednesday to see what I’ve been chipping away at in the studio!

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