Wednesdoodles: In The Holiday Spirit


Wowee Zowee…here we are at Wednesday again. What an eventful and crazy busy week we had!! Double Dare launched it’s  online shop as well as participated in the Halifax Crafters Society Holiday Craft Show. My sister Alyssa and I were working ourselves to the bone all week long finishing up last minute details! The market ran from Saturday til Sunday eve. What an awesome time we had meeting so many great and enthusiastic customers!

hfx1We sold greeting cards, post cards, birthday cards, everyday cards and a couple of valentines cards, a we all as an art print, holiday gift tags and gift bags! PHEWF! Setting up the booth was a bit of a panic…we thought we had soooo much time, but once we got going the time just seemed to melt away. All of a sudden there were FIVE MINUTES left to get it together! We managed to pull it off at the last second!

tableThere was a HUGE crowd on Saturday. Just under 3000 people came to the show!! Such a great turn out! (Thanks Halifax!!)


Well, This weekend Double Dare is off to Dartmouth at Just Us! At Kings Wharf to sell more holiday cards! Come by if you are near! In the meantime check out our brand new online shop!!!

Oh yeah! We also just pulled two fresh new valentines/love themed cards (available in the shop!)
loveyes loveyouOK! That’s it for now!! We will be printing more next week so stay tuned!

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