Printing MADNESS!!



Whoa! It has been a busy week. HA! I actually thought it was Thursday for a minute, but we’re actually at Friday already! Alyssa and I have done so much work this week. When we had a chance to sit down (as we worked) and discuss just how much we’ve managed to print and package this week we were astounded! On Monday we printed 50 custom greetings for BITS Interactive, a local business that develops websites. I can’t share the images yet because we want to keep them a surprise for all of BITS clients who recieve them in December! On the very same day we printed a whole bunch of these cute  Birthday Cards…


On Wednesday or Tuesday (I forget!) Alyssa began printing French Kiss Art prints and got em’ all done and ready for the Halifax Crafter’s Society Christmas Market this weekend!:


then printed these awesome gift bags in three colours…


THEN on Thursday printed two new Valentines day designs….


AND with so much help from a special someone our online shop is nearing completion and looking amazing! We also constructed and decorated a stand for our table at the market this weekend which I’ll post pictures of next week! It really is amazing what can be accomplished in FOUR DAYS! Today I will be tying up loose ends and finishing some things and gearing up for the big weekend. If you are in the HRM stop by the Olympic Centre on Cundard Street this Saturday 10-6 and Sunday 10-5 for the Halifax Crafters Society Christmas Market!

Oh yea! We also have a little interview HERE if you want to read all about us and our products.

9 thoughts on “Printing MADNESS!!

  1. You gals are out of control! Working hard and on top of the world. Way to go! Wish I could come visit the booth at the market but you can bet I’ll be spending some time at the virtual booth 😉

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