Featured Artist: Hey Studio


Monday ALREADY!?

Whoa! There’s about five days left til the big Halifax Crafter’s Society Craft Show at the Olympic Centre here in Halifax, NS!! Alyssa and I are busy to the extreme!! In fact after this blog post I am running out the door to grab a bundle of wood to get our booth constrution underway, and after that it will be a full day of printing, painting, hammering and packaging. I don’t think I’ve ever worked this hard before!! ha!
OK so let’s talk about today’s featured artist Hey Studio! They are a Barcelona based design team that create amazing things! They specialize in branding, but they also create their own fun personal projects. Their work is very much geometric based, is always colourful and reminds me a lot of Charlie Harper’s illustration work! I really enjoy what they’ve made! Check out their amazing website to see more of what they are up to.

heystudio heystudio1 heystudio2 heystudio4 heystudio5

Ok I gotta run!! Check back in on Wednesday! I will post some new prints we’ve been working on!

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