Wednesdoodles: Feel the LOVE!


OK I don’t have much time to type away..I gotta get to work!! This week I’ve been working on Valentines Day card ideas…and also just doodling around to see what happens. Other than that we are nearly only a week away from the big Halifax Crafter’s Sale ( At The Olympic Centre on Cunard St. in Halifax November 31st and December 1st!)  and we have quite a bit of work ahead of us!! Printing is in full steam ahead mode, as well as packaging and framing art prints…getting a banner made and more biz cards printed! AND shopping for items we need to make our table look SO festive and rad! PHEWF!!! Coffee and candy will be our best friends this week. Here’s a pic of Alyssa and I being silly in the studio yesterday…(was a looong day with a change of explosions!! YES! Apparently a transformer was on fire near our studio and I couldn’t get to work til after lunch!! BOO! But better to be safe I suppose!)

1397084_542734075800992_1338470192_oOK on with the doodles…..

sketch sketch1 sketch2 sketch4

OOH! I see little flakes of snow flying around outside! Gotta get to work! Adios!

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