Friday is the NEW Wednesday.


Hi guys. I have been flaking out on the blog again! I meant to post on Wednesday like a good blogger but I honestly didn’t know it was Wednesday when it came around. Time just seems to be whizzing by lately with so much on the go all the time. I have a FEW sketches to share, getting some more designs ready for cards! I wish I had a little more time to do some un-card related doodling but it’s crunch time right now and I have to keep going! I’ve been doodling some ideas for Valentines cards….as well as just sketching out letters and creatures, and just playing around in general to see if any ideas arise.

sketchy sketchy1

I’ve also been on the computer A LOT designing all kinds of things from new business cards to packaging for Double Dare.

AB bizcards

OH! AND I found this amazing painting last weekend at Christmas At The Forum here in Halifax…


and..just for fun…this was my Halloween costume last Friday night…whoa is seems like forever ago…You guys remember Jem and the Holograms right??!jem1 jemTime to run to work!! Have a great weekend everyone!

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