Featured Artist: Adrian Landon Brooks

featuredspaceHi guys!!

This blog is turning into a Featured Artist ONLY blog lately! ACK! Wednesday hits me so fast most weeks I don’t even know it’s here until the end of the day or later!! I promise to update you on what’s going on in the studio this week! It’s been BUSY printing greeting cards, and now we are moving into art prints. I’m also working on a commission for a family friend that I am SO excited about! I worked all afternoon and into the evening on it and I am really happy with what I’ve accomplished! I won’t be able to share the ENTIRE painting as it is a Christmas Gift and you never know who is poking around this blog! So it will remain mostly a secret til after Christmas times!

Anyhow..does anyone out there read JUXTAPOZ magazine or visit their awesome website?? I love checking out the artists that are posted, there is always awesome stuff! Today’s feature was found on Juxtapoz’s online source, and I am so excited that I came across this artist. I can’t get enough of the colours, the strange scenes and beautiful dark figures, and the geometrics! His work is very flat and folk-arty. Here is a statement from his awesome website (that you should go visit!!)

 ”In many ways, I am still creating the same simple and effective images I made when I was a kid. Traditional folk art has been the primary focus for most of my adult life. The emphasis on a single bold line or minimal color pallet continues to serve as a constant challenge. When I strip a painting down to its bare bones it helps me think more intently about the impact of each line or stroke. I find satisfaction in creating simple and concise works that convey universal messages of loss, love and redemption.”

ALBROOKS ALBROOKS1 ALBROOKS2 ALBROOKS3 ALBROOKS4OK! That’s it for now! See you back here on Wednesday??

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