Featured Artist: Mark Rothko

featuredspaceHi guys!! Happy Monday to ya!
Today is a big day for my sis and I as we are going in front of a loans comittee to ask for a nice loan for our new business! We are a little nervous but I think we will do well!! AIE!

Today’s featured artist is Mark Rothko. I was inspired to make a post about him after seeing Neptune Theatre‘s production of RED. What a great performance, and such an amazingly well written work! RED focused on the theme art vs. commercialism, as it took place in a time in Rothko’s life where he was offered a HUGE commission for a new Four Season’s Restaurant in New York City. He struggles with what it means to be an artist living in a world of commerce. Wonderful performance and if you are in Halifax I really recommend it!

SO like I mentioned…Rothko is today’s feature! I’ve never seen one of his paintings in real life and I can’t wait til I can visit NYC to see one with my own two eyes! What I love about his work is the luminescence. They are truly beautiful paintings, and I can imagine that they are breathtaking in person! Rothko has been identified as an Abstract Expressionist, although he himself identified himself as an abstract painter. He painted around the same time as Pollock, and deKooning as is considered one of the most famous post-war artists.  Read more about his life story HERE! (It’s fascinating!)

rothko rothko1 rothko4 rothko5

14 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Mark Rothko

    • aren’t they beautiful! They are massive too and take up your entire field of vision when you stand right in front of them. I haven’t seen them in person yet but I can’t wait to.

  1. Mark Rothko calms me when I’m having troubles. When I was in art school, I used to sit in front of his painting at the St. Louis Art Museum and it would remind me to breathe. Thanks for this post.

    • That’s so wonderful. I have yet to see them in person, but I can’t wait to go to NYC and visit Rothko and so many of my favorites. I’ve heard his paintings do have a beautiful soothing effect.

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