Wednesdoodles: Run Into The Shadows


Sooo I recently took on a little commission for a friends new apartment! I was sooo excited to get the paints out of the closet, and I just happened to have two perfectly sized canvases laying around! I haven’t painted in AGES. I’ve been busy drawing with pencil and pen and using watercolour when I need to add some colour. Painting has always been my first true love when it comes to art making. It always feels so good to pick up a brush and mix the paints and lay it on. Needless to say I got really into this painting and enjoyed every second making it. It feels so good to have painted something!! This painting derives from an older illustration that I made.

shadowand..the painting version…

shadowvoices2shadowvoicesIn addition this little baby comes with it’s own “soundtrack” of albums I listened to while I painted it! I won’t post em now because I want SOME of this to be a surprise for the person receiving it!



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