Featured Artist: Brian Innis

featuredspaceHi !!!
I almost forgot that TODAY is Monday!

So I’m starting a NEW job today at a sweet little jewellery shop in the hydrostone market in Halifax called Lady Luck! I gotta leave the house in about 20 minutes so I’ll have to make this post short and sweet!! Today’s feature is a very close friend of mine. He is is VERY creative and talented! He has a real knack for finding things in the streets or at discount stores and turning them into works of art!! Brian lived here in Halifax and is now living in Montreal for a little while until he returns to Nova Scotia where we all miss him dearly! Anyhow he recently started a really cool blog called the Vivian Maier Project in which he will be frequently posting photos from the streets of Montreal! I’m so excited about his new venture! Good Luck Bri!

Visit his blog and check out a few of my favourite shots from the past week!

binnis1 binnis2 binnis3 binnis5That’s it for now!! Check back in on Wednesday!

5 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Brian Innis

  1. Lovely photographs, candid photography is so much fun! Also, very happy I’ve stumbled upon your blog – looking forward to your posts 🙂 Hope your first day went well!

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