Featured Artist: Alexandra Duprez


PHEWPH!! Hi everyone!

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with the ol’ blog lately. Last week may have been one of the craziest yet! There was an un expected visit to PEI for a funeral, and many, many projects lined up in order to launch Double Dare this week!! Forgive me! I will be getting back to my regular postings this week. I promise!

This week’s feature Alexandra Duprez is a painter/drawer working and living in Quimper, France. I love the way she lays down paint so that it looks so active and alive on the canvas. I also adore her imaginative subject matter. Please visit her website to see more of her beautiful work!!!

Jumeaux doublex  Cerf - Oeils Cavalier Parure Femme oeils bulles

I also wanted to thank those of you who have been emailing me your artwork for consideration to be featured! I in fact never thought to put a call out but if anyone out there is interested send me your stuff and I will get back to you! Keep in mind I’m super busy and sometimes it takes me a few weeks to reply, but I’d love to see what readers are creating out there! Email submissions to bryannachapeskie@gmail.com

Have a good Monday!


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