Featured Artist: Dr. Seuss


Hi guys!
Sorry I have been so slack with the blog lately. I’ve been extremely busy here working and working some more on the new buisness Double Dare which officially launches in a week! Please forgive me!! I am also starting in on a new painting for a friend and I am sooo excited about it! I will update you in a few days on that one! All I can say is that it felt SO good to paint on canvas.

SO today’s featured artist is pretty much known by all, but I think we should take a look back and visit his amazing work! Mr. Theodore Seuss Geisel was an american writter, poet, and cartoonist who is best known for his massive series of children’s books. As a child I had a pretty big collection of my mom’s Dr. Suess books and I loved them so much. They are fun, imaginative, and often times hold great life lessons…but many are just plain silly! He has published 46 books in his lifetime, and some of those books have become quite popular as films, and tv cartoons!

My first year of University in the school library I came across a beautiful book titled The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss. It’s funny thinking back now I was so hung up on painting in school that I never thought to take illustration! Anyhow these secret drawings fascinated me, and I would often visit that book and take a peek inside.

Here are some awesome examples of Dr. Seuss less known work!

seuss3 seuss4 seuss6 suess suess1

AND did you know that he had a fantastic hat collection! I love this guy!


The end for now! Check back in Wednesday and I’ll update you on the painting and a few other projects…

5 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Dr. Seuss

  1. Do you know, we never really had much by Dr. Seuss when I was growing up. Im only in my twenties but im not sure if he was a big thing over here in Britain. Its only now when I look through my nieces books that ive come across him. Brilliant work mind you and fantastically lively illustrations. Lovely post, have a great week. : )

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