Wednesdoodles: Drawing in Chester



Soooo. A few weeks ago now my twin sister Alyssa was married in Chester  Nova Scotia. If you have no idea of the place I speak of…you should google it, or even better GO VISIT! Such a beautiful little town right on the water’s edge. The wedding was probably the most beautiful day I have ever seen. We spent a week in Chester in this giant and gorgeous house called the Captains House. The family and a few close friends stayed, and we had such a wonderful time relaxing, swimming and walking around town, and dancing at night in the giant ballroom (yes..there was a ballroom IN the house). We star gazed on the giant lawn at night on big blankets and giggled while waiting for shooting starts. We told ghost stories with all the lights off in the little attic room, and we watched movies all cuddled up! It was awesome! We also spend some time near the end of our visit making some watercolour drawings. My dear friends Nadia and Charley who are both artists, as well as my little sister Hannah who is SO creative and talented in many, many ways spent a few sessions outside sketching our surroundings. Here’s what I wound up with in my sketchbook:

boatsOur house was right on the edge of the water, and there were many boats docked all around. The boats were all beautiful colours! Reds, blues, deep greens. I stained my paper with orange pekoe tea straight from the mug, and got to work!


The next little illustration is of my sister’s wedding flowers. I was lucky enough to make all of the flowers for her wedding, and I just looooved them so so much. The colours were stunning. I get so excited about awesome colour combinations weather it be with paint, or with flowers. Here’s the doodle:


annd..a picture of the REAL bouquet (I just had to)


Annnd..just for good measure, a picture of the beautiful wedding party!


OK..I just like to re-live it whenever I can.

Have a great Wednesday evvverrryone!

9 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Drawing in Chester

  1. Lovely, lovely work. Every time I see something like that, it makes me realize how poor my drawing skills are, and how I wish I could draw! Maybe I should practice more often..

  2. this is absolutely stunning work and such happy photographs. i always wish i could just bring some lemonade and hang out. have you considered selling your work on etsy? like custom drawings of bouquets?

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