Featured Artist: Peggy Wolf


Mondaaaaay!! (EW!!)

Ok so it’s Monday…but it won’t be so bad right!? I had a little trouble getting out of bed this morning, but once I was awake and thinking about all the things that needed to get done today I decided it was best to get up and get on with it. Oh Monday.

Today’s featured artist is illustrator Peggy Wolf. Peggy, originally from Germany, now works and lives in London creating awesome peices that often combine collage and illustration. You can visit her ETSY page to buy her work and visit her website too!

peggywolf1 peggywolf2 peggywolf3 peggywolf4 peggywolf5 peggywolf7 peggywolf8

Come by on Wednesday to see what I’ve been up to in the studio! Have a good Monday!


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