Wednesdoodes: Hot Air Flies High!


I am writing this lil’ post Tuesday eve after my first day back to yoga class in three weeks!! PHEWF. I am so sleepy.

I had an incredibly looong weekend! Three days off all to myself. I barely left the house!! I spent two of these days painting a submission piece for a really neat organization called Timeraiser. Essentially if the jury chooses my artwork it will be part of a silent auction here in Halifax. The artworks selected are not auctioned off for money, they are auctioned for volunteer hours towards an important local cause! Timerasier will purchase the artwork from the artist then host the auction event and voila! If you are interested, visit their website to find out more and to see if there is a timeraiser event happening near you!

It didn’t take me too long to decide what I wanted to make. I had to think firstly about what someone might like to have as an art piece. Then…since I had just returned from a pretty dreamy week away, I was feeling pretty whimsical and sentimental. I was poking around my studio for inspiration and I saw this tiny little hot air balloon I had drawn a couple of years ago and never really expanded on the idea. I decided to make a finished watercolour drawing on the idea and I got to work right away! I had a pretty clear vision in my head of what I wanted things to look like. Here’s how it turned out!

hotairballoons hotairballoon1

I had a lot of fun making this one! It’s fun to be not-so-serious and a little dreamy when it comes to making art. I keep peeking over at this painting in my studio and it transports me to a peaceful place. I really enjoy it! In fact as much as I want it to be selected I think I might miss it hanging around if it is! I suppose I can always make more.

I have more drawings and doodles to share from my vacation. Check back on Friday for a peek at my sketchbook!

7 thoughts on “Wednesdoodes: Hot Air Flies High!

  1. Beautiful work! I love the colors. I really love how the top of the artwork is a night sky and the bottom is a sunset. The colors merge wonderfully in the middle! Great job! :]

    • Hi Daniel!

      I started with a silver pencil crayon, but it really wasn’t bright enough so I just ended up painting them in with mostly bright white watercolour by dot!

  2. what type of yoga do you practice? yesterday i went to bikram for the first time in 6 weeks and oooh lordy i learned my lesson. must remember to go weekly 🙂

    also.. the hot air balloons are gorgeous. good luck with the competition 🙂

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