Wednesdoodles: A Logo Is Born!

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Mine has been busy as usual!

Last night we took in an AWESOME Tegan and Sara concert. Have you heard of these girls?? If not you must check them out .

CT  CTH Tegan and Sara-a.jpgThese lovely Canadian twins have been rocking together for 13 years now, and last night they were just flawless! Their voices were stellar and the band was awesome. Check out their new album Heartthrob. It’s so dancey and contagious. You will love it.

So…in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I have ZERO doodles to share with you this week. I have been working under a serious deadline to get a portion of the biz plan done by this Friday…and that’s all I’ve really been working on, aside from a Sunday afternoon in the studio making just about every mistake you can make when it comes to printmaking. AH. Live and Learn I guess…??

BUT! I can show you our logo that has just been finalized, and can now Double Dare can be used as our official name! My twin sis and I found out last week that the name is ours! It’s registered! Just for us! Wahoo!

I took a ten week illustrator class through NSCAD extended studies, which was a brilliant class, and as my final project I built us a logo and business cards. Here’s what they look like!


The logo on the biz card needs to be adjusted to say “Print Studio” instead of “Screen Print Studio” but other than that it’s all done! What do you guys think?? We are getting so close to finishing our business plan, and then we will be printing our little hearts out to get ready for Christmas. EEW. It sounds so scary, but it’s what we have to do!

Well…I’m off to continue writing, and then heading to Prince Edward Island this weekend for a big family reunion. Hope everyone out there has a great weekend!


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