Featured Artist: Jack Teagle

featuredbannerHi guys!

I feel like I didn’t get a weekend at all this week! EEK. I am working hard, but also feeling a little ripped off..just a little. BUT I will make up for my lost weekend this week by taking a LOOONG weekend in PEI! OK enough about me. Today’s featured artist is Jack Teagle, a UK based illustrator who I just love, love, love. He has such a playful body of work!! Here’s what his awesome website says about him:

” Jack is a freelance illustrator based in South West England. He keeps many sketchbooks and goes through many tubes of paint. Jack loves collecting action figures, reading badly written silver age comics and watching classic horror films.”

He sounds pretty awesome to me. Check out his website to see how MUCH amazing work he has, and if you think that’s alot, click on the link to see his paintings and you will be amazed!

jteagle jteagle1 jteagle2 jteagle3 jteagle4 jteagle5

Amazing right?? A great way to start the week for sure! Keep it fun and colourful like Mr. Teagles work and you’ll be sure to have a good time!!

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