Wednesdoodles: Frenchie Kiss and MORE!

I almost forgot it was Wednesday!!
I am so happy to say that this week brought some real drawing and painting AND PRINTING! Big week!
When I tried to take an afternoon nap after a wonderfully fun and relaxing Sunday, I just couldn’t do it because my mind was going crazy with ideas. My brain was telling me to get up and get to work, and so I did! Sometimes you just gotta! So I messed around with colours, shapes and lines for a bit. Here’s what appeared on my page:

circles1 circles

I had a bit of a stress attack one morning, and I decided that to clear my mind a bit I would sit down and finally make a nice version of a sketch I had made weeks ago called FRENCH KISS. Here’s the doodle…not finished yet but getting close!!


There’s no way you could NOT feel better after creating something like this!! The Frenchies worked their magic.

Lastly…me and my sis FINALLY had a bit of luck in our screen printing studio!! We’ve been having lots of technical problems over the weeks, but we finally MADE A PRINT. It’s not even close to finished yet, as we had even more technical difficulties when it came to alignment, but we are learnin’ and that’s all that matters! Soon we will be printing masters!


Here’s what we printed….one part of the puzzle! It will be a sail boat when it’s all finished.


Ok that’s it for today! Now I have lots of writing and work to do! Catch you later!

14 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Frenchie Kiss and MORE!

  1. Really love these. We’ve just made a screen printing press so looking forward to trying that out and posting the results. Hope your prints continue to go well 🙂

  2. I just LOVE your Wednesdoodles, and this week is particularly inspiring! I know that feeling of your body saying one thing, but your brain saying “Create something” – good for you for listening! And to see your printmaking coming along is wonderful 🙂

  3. the little frenchies make me feel better just looking at them – must have been a true joy to create! Love your big doodle of mixed texture rounds too xoxo!!

  4. Good luck with your printing; alignment – make a print on scrap paper and then figure out where your paper should be for the right alignment – tape out marks for where the edges of your paper should be with masking tape and then you can print lots really quick 🙂

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