Featured Artist: Elsa Mora


Today’s featured artist is the wonderful Elsa Mora. She is a Cuban multi-disiplinary artist who creates illustrations, sculptures, jewellery, and paper cut outs. Her work is so magical and wonderful! Here’s a little snip from her bio on her wonderful blog!

“I was able to imagine a better destiny. I made it happen, day after day, inside my head. I wrote that imagined world down in diaries, I drew it, I painted it, I modeled it in clay and plasticine, I sang it out loud in the bathroom, I day dreamed about it. That imaginary reality became my project, my experiment, my secret love, the only one thing that I could count on because it was all up to me. Everything else failed me but not my imagination.”

Elsa’s blog is called Art is a Way, and if you read the rest of her ABOUT page on her blog, you’ll find that she has made a way by imagining and creating a better life for herself.

The power of art people!!

Here are some examples of her wonderful work!

elsamora elsamora1 elsamora2 elsamora3 elsamora5Have a great Monday!

8 thoughts on “Featured Artist: Elsa Mora

  1. Wow! She does absolutely beautiful artwork. I love how the second one shows what is in her head and in her heart.

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