Wednesdoodles: Imagine

So it’s Wednesday again!!
I have a few doodles to share…just a few! I spent a little bit of time yesterday in between writing and getting some work framed and wired, and making phone calls! It was a busy day off I telly ya! I haven’t been sketching as much as I’d like to, but when I do sit down to draw I realize how therapeutic it is for me. I become completely zoned into what I’m doing, and zoned out of everything else. When I draw with a pen I draw the lines sloooowly. I love to draw with a pen because the “mistakes” always become a part of the drawing, therefore forcing me to be a little more crafty and creative, turning strange shapes into things that make sense…that being said, they don’t always make sense! But sometimes magic happens and something really neat emerges from the depths of my imagination. Anyways…I don’t consider any of today’s doodles super imaginative. I had a tough go, and that’s probably because I’ve barely been sketching and drawing lately! EEK! Ok here we go.

doodle1 doodle2 doodle3the end!

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