Featured Artist: Kate Baylay

featuredbannerHi guys!
After another beautiful and sunny hot weekend I am ready to get back to work! I didn’t make it to the beach, but I did take a nice walk, eat ice cream, partake in a bbq and see a free music show at the casino. I also managed to successfully burn a screen on Saturday night for screen printing!! We are  printing tonight so stay tuned! You will be the first to see Double Dare’s first print!!OK so today’s featured artist is Kate Baylay. Her work is simply amazing! It reminds me so much of Hans Andersen, whose illustration skills I deeply admire! This gal is clearly influenced by old fairy tale illustrations. Kate is busily working out of England as a freelance illustrator! Please visit her website to see more of her wonderful work!

kbaylay kbaylay2 kbaylay3 kbaylay4 kbaylay5Whoa! So good!!
Check back in on Wednesday for a sneek peek at the printing I’ll be working on tonight!

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