Wednesdoodles: Still Sailin’

Hi guys,

I totally forgot that today is Wednesday. I guess the long weekend mixed me up! It’s already half way through the week!!
I’ve still been chipping away at sail boats to fit into my little white frames, taking some colour cues from Mr. Warhol, these ships are a lot less bright than the ones I painted previously. I also decided to use a ruler to get lovely straight lines for my sails, and now I’m trying to decide what I like best! Do I like the wavery hand drawn line or the super straight rulered line? I guess I’ll just have to let it sit with me for a while.

I bought some NEW watercolour brushes which really made me giddy….YEP. They made all the difference I tell you! Make sure when you are painting (or making anything really) that you have decent tools! I found that the new brushes could hold more paint, and their new point tips were so lovely for getting into tight corners.


I haven’t been drawing as much as I’d like to! EEK! It’s been tough finding time amongst everything else that’s going on. I’m still working on a logo for my new company, which I will gladly share with the world once our biz name has been registered and the logo has been finalized! Should be real soon!

Anyhoo..this will be my last post til next week…I’m hitting up PEI this weekend for a family wedding! Hope you all have a great weekend (and rest of week!)


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