Today is a day I think I could have slept through…..very rainy and grey….

Anyhow, unfortunately the closest I’ve come to doodling looks kinda like this:

notes notes1

Researching, and writing! Phewf. I did however managed to find some slightly older doodles from a couple of weeks ago…I’m pretty sure I never posted these…

drawing drawing1

I’ve also been working on a logo for my screen printing business (launching in September!). So far so good!
We’ll that’s it for now. Hope everyone is having a good week so far!
I also found some cute little white frames for my sail boats….


I need to make new sailboats to go in these frames, as these little guys don’t quite fit right…but I love them in the white frames. Perfect for selling! I would looove to work out a fun mermaid and maybe a sea monster too and add them to this little summery collection. We will see!
That’s it for now!

10 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles….

  1. These are awesome The Heart of Art! Your artwork has such a home-ly touch to them, yet also a far-away mystical magical fantasy land feel as well! I can’t wait to see more.


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