Adventures in Illustrator

Hi guys!

Oops..I almost forgot that I was supposed to post somethin today!! I have to make it real quick because I am mid-breakfast on my way to work very soooon!!!
What a lovely day for a long walk to work too! 🙂

SO I’ve been six weeks into an illustrator night course which I am really loving! I finally understand that I love to learn new things that I can SEE progressing….vs. learning theories (although learning theories etc is of course always very interesting!) but there’s something about seeing your progression on a page, or in this case, on a computer screen. It’s satisfying for sure! So I bought the creative cloud last week (my trial was up!!) so that I could keep learning at home in my spare time. I’ve become a little addicted to playing around with fonts, colours, shapes, and I’ve started making some headers and banners for the blog, and some just for fun.

Here’s what I’ve been up to….

doodlesbanner good poppies11

so  much fun to make these! Have a good Friday! Will be a lovely warm weekend here, and I hope the same for you!

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