Hi Guys!

Come sail away with me today!
I’ve been very fortunate to have lots of time to myself this week, which is awesome (I draw all day in the sun) and scary (for monetary reasons). But! All is well, and I’m happiest drawing. I’ve really been working on developing a cohesive style in my work so that when it’s time to launch my new printing business I will know what the heck is going on! So I’ve really just been having fun experimenting with imagery, colours and patterns. Lines are my new best friend, and colours, more and more, have become a real passion.

Yesterday I mixed up the most beautiful bright orangey-red, I actually said out loud to myself “WHOA! THAT IS A BEAUTIFUL COLOUR!!!”  Am I going colour crazy?

So since I’ve been working on so so many things lately I’m going to post the doodles today, and Friday morn I’m going to post what I’ve been chipping away on in Illustrator. I’ve been learning lots, spending LOTS of time messing around and having fun with it. As you’ll notice I have a new blog header…still needs some work I think, but I’ll get it just right soon!

Ok are some doodles I’ve been working on!



sail sail1 sail3 poodleparty

That’s it for now! Check back on Friday to see what I’ve been up to in Illustrator….

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