Featured Artist: Alberto Cerriteno

featureartistHi guys!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! Unfortunately its Monday again…and as usual it was extremely hard to get my butt out of bed this morning! I wanted to stay in bed and hide all day long…but..there’s work to do! hmph! Well…might as well make the best of it!

Today’s feature is Alberto Cerriteno. Here’s a quick little bio on him pulled from his website:

Alberto Cerriteño is a Mexican illustrator & designer who has lived in America; Portland for nearly four years now. Strongly inspired by urban vinyl toys, alternative cartoons, and the pop surrealism movement, Alberto Cerriteño has developed his own very personal technique and style, having always present a delicate hints of traditional Mexican artistic influences in his management of rich textures and decorative patterns. These contrast strikingly with the blending of desaturated colors and ink, sometimes featuring a vintage coffee finish.”


Acerriteno acerriteno1 acerriteno3 acerriteno4 acerriteno5 acerriteno6

So playful and whimsical! Love it!! Happy Monday people!

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