Wednesdoodles: Party Time


So…My sister and I have been chipping away, setting up a screen printing studio, and now it’s time to hammer out some designs to be printed into cards! We’ve been talking a lot about what inspires us, and what would be great for print. I’d have to say my greatest inspirations come from simplicity and colour. A simple line drawing can be so effective and when it’s paired with a beautiful colour combo….it’s the stuff dreams are made of! I’ve always looked back to vintage children’s book illustrations as a source of inspiration. People like Mary Blair, Charley Harper….Hans Anderson….

Well..enough talkin’. Here are some experimentation I’ve been working on over the past couple of days. I’m really just playing with colour and line for now and seeing what comes out of it!

studio1 studio2 studio3 studio4

A little shot of the studio…I changed it up a bit last night. Check it out guys. It’s actually SUNNY in Halifax again today!! Two days in a row! I don’t know if my eyeballs can take it!!!


6 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: Party Time

  1. Love the pics, your doodles seem to just get better every week, good luck with the business venture. We’ve got rain here in Gateshead today, after 4 nice days just as well I was getting a headache from all the sunshine, not used to it anymore, lol x

  2. Love your party hats. Also can’t wait to see my octoharp guy when I get him (her?) Great work.

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