Wednesdoodles: A little time warp….

wednesdayACK! I’m still sick!!!

I’m getting better though…when I woke up this morning I didn’t feel like a complete pile of trash. Phewf!!!

Today I thought…since I’ve been sleeping and resting more than I’ve been sketching, I would post up some really, really old sketches and doodles from childhood. Recently my sister took a visit to Ontario to visit our mom dad and little sister, and she brought back with her a set of three of my sketchbooks which were kept between 1995-1998. I would have been between the ages of ten and thirteen. I was a pretty strange kid…I LOVED to watch the x-files. I can’t believe how young I was when I watched the show. A ten year old watching a show about aliens and creepy sci-fi serial killers!? I just ate it up. Now when I try to watch the show I get pretty creeped out, but it’s also very nostalgic for me. Anyhow these three books are pretty much chalk full of x-files related jokes and drawings. I drew my own Mulder and Skully comics which jokes relating directly to episodes of my favorite show.

Ok so, I’ve just revealed my nerdy past to the world…but hey it’s a part of who I am today!! (Still…pretty weird).  Enjoy the show!

So…this picture is showing the series of sketchbooks in chronological order. The last one is covered in tiny little x files comic images….


An alien sketch…..


Lisa Loeb drawing copied from her album Nine Stories


An alien in a turtle neck????


and two portraits of my pals (sisters) Alexis and Adrienne


It’s pretty neat to have a collection of your old thoughts and memories as sketches. Some of the drawings in my book are very accurate. For example the two sketches above of my childhood friends literally brings me back to that place in time and I can suddenly remember everything so clearly. The way the house was then, and the things we used to do together during the long summer breaks. There is a sketch of my bedroom in one of these books that is so detailed it’s incredible. When I look at some of the drawings I can remember actually drawing them. I’m now 28, so these books are ALMOST 20 years old. Holy. Just a great reminder to myself of how important keeping a sketchbook is, and how is serves as such a true record of times past.  Unlike a photograph, a drawing can really capture the essence of the moments….and how you saw the world at a particular stage in life. It’s so important to remember these things as time goes on….Anyhow…perhaps I’ll post more at another time!! Adios for now!

2 thoughts on “Wednesdoodles: A little time warp….

  1. Bryanna these are priceless. I recently came across some sketches I had done of my family when in my teens (and that was 30 years ago for me!) and it brought back lots of happy arty memories. I remembered how I’d never been without a sketchbook and pencil and how I used to draw all the time. I’ve only recently recaptured my ability to just draw for the fun of it without needing to produce ‘a picture’. It’s good sometimes to go back and access who we were when we had fewer responsibilities!

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