Featured Artist: Kim Pryor


Hi ho!

Wow..I’ve really dropped the ball on the ol’ blog lately. Sorry guys! I’ve had internet issues…and health issues…and to be honest I haven’t even really picked up a pencil to draw in almost two weeks. I’ve been really busy at work, and researching and…well now I am suffering from a really gross and painful cold/flu. YUCK. I’m planning on picking things up this week once I start to feel back to normal which better be sometime around today. I can’t stand being sick for more than a day!! Ack! Anyhow let’s talk about today’s featured artist Kimi Pryor. She lives and works in Philadelphia, and paints the most wonderfully imaginative things. Here’s what she says about her own work ” I am interested in creating a personal narrative series which seeks to derive beauty and meaning from apparent mess and confusion, as that would seem to be the truest process I can think of in terms of reflecting life as it actually occurs. I create the initial problems on page and then attempt to solve them. The results to me are hopefully as universal in their symbolism as they are personally inspired.”. Please visit her website to see more of her work!

kpryor kpryor1 kpryor2 kpryor4 kpryor5 kpryor1 kpryor3 kpryor4 kpryor5

That’s it for now! Come back and visit on Wednesday! I promise I will have NEW DOODLES to share!

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